Breeding Stock

In 2002 we "bought the farm". After 40 years in business the goals that shaped our business success were transferred to Elk. We chose our starting genetics carefully and have worked diligently to make every year count towards continuos improvement. Our artificial insemination program has brought the best genetics in antler performance that we could find. In addition we have purchased a number of top Bulls such as Superstar ( NAEBA 6 yr old typical champion) and Colt 45. ( 62.5 lbs velvet antler). These Bulls were raised on our farm and provided natural breeding for a number of years. If you are looking for quality breeding stock take a look at Regal Point Elk Farm. We have been CWD certified for more than 10 years. We have chosen our genetics to produce strong, clean trophy Bulls with great velvet capabilities. We believe that cows are the foundation of any herd and I can tell you that our cows will produce as well for you as they have for me.

Elk Facts