Trophy & Velvet

The trophy market is the most lucrative revenue earner for the Elk farm. The higher the score of the antlers the more revenue for the farm. This is true to a point but a good trophy is not just about score. It is about style.

Desirable characteristics include:

  • Good Tyne placement
  • Heavy beam
  • Good width
  • Long beam and tyne
  •  Mostly typical frame

Regal Point has been pushing our genetics to provide all of the above. Are we there yet? Let's just say that every year we get closer.

Velvet Antler:  Since 2002 we have seen the price of velvet antler go down to as low as $15.00 per pound and now as high as $50.00 per pound. When you think of a good 5 year bull producing 30 lbs or more you can start to see how important this revenue source is. Our bull Colt 45 produced 62.5 lbs of velvet antler at 6 years of age. That's $3,125.00 in one years production!

For the Natural Benifits Of Velvet Antler visit the Caneva Website: 20070108 caneva 200