Elk Meat - The Healthy Alternative

All natural healthy lifestyle Elk meat

When you consider that Elk meat is one fifth the fat content of beef and higher in protein it is no wonder that is elk is considered an intelligent choice for the health conscience consumer..

  • Grass fed in summer
  • Hay in winter
  • Large open pastures
  • low density operation
  • No growth hormones

How to buy from Regal Point

Unfortunately we do not sell to the general public But... We do sell whole carcasses. If you are interested in buying the whole carcass, we will deliver to the abattoir and they will cut and wrap for you as you direct and you will pickup finished product there. At Regal point we only process 2-3 times per year for meat.

If you would like to make a purchase we need to know well in advance.

Meat Calories Fat (g) Cholesterol
Elk 146 1.9 73 30.2
Chicken, no skin 190 7.4 89 28.9
Turkey, no skin 170 5.0 76 29.3
Beef 211 9.3 86 29.9
Pork 212 9.7 86 29.3
Veal 196 6.6 118 31.9
Duck 201 11.2 89 23.5
According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture