Regal Point Elk Farm

Home of Eric and Dale Robinson's 200 acre Elk Farm located 2 miles from Wiarton, Ontario, Canada.
The farm is the home of 125 Elk, The Robinsons are winners of the North American Elk Breeders antler competition and also winners at the Alberta Elk antler competition.

Regal Point Elk Farm
Meeting the needs of trophy , velvet, breeding stock and the meat market:

  • Offering breeding stock in Canada and the USA
  • Trophy Bulls sold in Canada and USA
  • CWD certified herd for over 10 years
  • Elk semen sold and for sale in Canada and USA
  • Large supplier of hard antler to the pet industry
  • Whole carcass sales of Elk Meat
  • Maple Syrup Production
  • 3000 tap operation
  • State of the art Maple syrup processing equipment
  • Maple syrup wholesale and retail sales

Trophy & Velvet

The trophy market is the most lucrative revenue earner for the Elk farm. The higher the score of the antlers the more revenue for the farm. This is true to a point but a good trophy is not just about score. It is about style.

Desirable characteristics include:

  • Good Tyne placement
  • Heavy beam
  • Good width
  • Long beam and tyne
  •  Mostly typical frame

Regal Point has been pushing our genetics to provide all of the above. Are we there yet? Let's just say that every year we get closer.

Velvet Antler:  Since 2002 we have seen the price of velvet antler go down to as low as $15.00 per pound and now as high as $50.00 per pound. When you think of a good 5 year bull producing 30 lbs or more you can start to see how important this revenue source is. Our bull Colt 45 produced 62.5 lbs of velvet antler at 6 years of age. That's $3,125.00 in one years production!

For the Natural Benifits Of Velvet Antler visit the Caneva Website: 20070108 caneva 200

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Regal Point is constantly looking to improve our genetics and herd performance. We buy, sell and trade semen. Give us a call and we can see if semen from our inventory would be right for your herd.

Inventory includes:

Superstar for stats click here

Bulls       straws

Superstar 115
Also semen placed in US available for sale
Colt 45 129
Also semen placed in US available for sale
Bounty 20
Adonis 5
Stony Keppel Thunder 8
Storm 4
Chernobull 7
Kings Ransom 3

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Breeding Stock

In 2002 we "bought the farm". After 40 years in business the goals that shaped our business success were transferred to Elk. We chose our starting genetics carefully and have worked diligently to make every year count towards continuos improvement. Our artificial insemination program has brought the best genetics in antler performance that we could find. In addition we have purchased a number of top Bulls such as Superstar ( NAEBA 6 yr old typical champion) and Colt 45. ( 62.5 lbs velvet antler). These Bulls were raised on our farm and provided natural breeding for a number of years. If you are looking for quality breeding stock take a look at Regal Point Elk Farm. We have been CWD certified for more than 10 years. We have chosen our genetics to produce strong, clean trophy Bulls with great velvet capabilities. We believe that cows are the foundation of any herd and I can tell you that our cows will produce as well for you as they have for me.

Elk Facts


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Hard Elk Antler

Hard antler for pets

Regal Point is one of the largest suppliers of elk antler to the Canadian pet industry. In 2014 over 50,000 lbs of antler was sold into the pet industry. Antler from across North America was gathered and shipped to Regal Point, from here to Urban Dog in Toronto then distributed to pet stores.

If you are interested in buying antler from Regal Point for your pet, please consider that you will be buying a whole antler. This is sold by the pound. Your pet store can supply you with antler that is cut to the size that you prefer.

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Elk Images

Super Star

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Our Cows

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Elk Meat - The Healthy Alternative

All natural healthy lifestyle Elk meat

When you consider that Elk meat is one fifth the fat content of beef and higher in protein it is no wonder that is elk is considered an intelligent choice for the health conscience consumer..

  • Grass fed in summer
  • Hay in winter
  • Large open pastures
  • low density operation
  • No growth hormones

How to buy from Regal Point

Unfortunately we do not sell to the general public But... We do sell whole carcasses. If you are interested in buying the whole carcass, we will deliver to the abattoir and they will cut and wrap for you as you direct and you will pickup finished product there. At Regal point we only process 2-3 times per year for meat.

If you would like to make a purchase we need to know well in advance.

Meat Calories Fat (g) Cholesterol
Elk 146 1.9 73 30.2
Chicken, no skin 190 7.4 89 28.9
Turkey, no skin 170 5.0 76 29.3
Beef 211 9.3 86 29.9
Pork 212 9.7 86 29.3
Veal 196 6.6 118 31.9
Duck 201 11.2 89 23.5
According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture