About Us

Dale and I were born and raised on farms, but have not had the pleasure of life on the farm for the past 35 years in 2014 we sold our shares of SPI and are enjoying a full time life on the farm.

Our choice to raise Elk was carefully considered. We love the majestic nature of the animals and the ability to sell product into a number of markets. As simple as this sounds it is a significant challenge. Our elk farm consists of: 100 special elk, free ranged on 200 spacious acres in Grey County farmland near Wiarton, Ontario.

Mission Statement: Farm, Family, and Community.

40 years in business has shaped our view of what life could be like on the farm. Instead of boardroom time, what little time is spent on business is now done at the kitchen table. Priorities now include care and management of the elk, bush time for Maple Syrup, family time with 3 kids and partners and 9 grandkids, and of course a significant involvement with our local Rotary Club. During our hectic work career, I didn’t have time to put towards community, now it’s time to give back. Regal Point Elk Farm is the host site for Maple Magic. This Rotary fundraiser has raised over one hundred thousand dollars which goes back into our community and abroad. In addition many families have enjoyed their visit to our little piece of paradise. The farm provides a balanced lifestyle that’s good for body and soul.

Regal Point Elk Farm
462081 Conc 24,
Georgian Bluffs, ON N0H 2T0