“I have been measuring hard antler for over 25 years and SilverStar is the first bull I have seen in the industry that has grown 9 typical tynes on an antler. An outstanding set of typical antlers.”

Tom Watts

Senior Hard Antler Judge

2019 NAEBA International Antler Competition

What Sells Best For Trophy?

If the market changes, the demand for big typical will stay strong. Long beams, good clean tyne placement, SilverStar is a solid choice for your future genetics.

Big Clean Typical 9×8

Winner: NAEBA 6 year old typical
Winner: NAEBA Peoples Choice Award

  • Official score: 516 gross, 511 typical
  • 64 inch beams, 28 inch 4ths

Silver Star offspring available now

Take the step toward high end typical antler. Super clean typical antler with 64 inch beams. Nice width and perfect upswept front tynes.
It is not just about inches, the big clean typical will always be in demand.

SilverStar has probably the nicest, calmest temperament of any bull on our farm.

Cows bred to Silverstar
Heifers from Silverstar
SilverStar breeding bulls
Semen available in the US and Canada, collected by Martin Wenkoff. Very high quality.

704-Our Best Cow

• She has produced A 6YR old son scoring 555″ unofficial non typical

• Silver Star 511 4/8″ official  typical at 6

• 25.6 Lb unofficial 2 year old

• 473″ 3 year non typical unofficial

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