State of the Art Maple Syrup Production Equipment

Outside the Sugar Shack

In front of our sugar shack we have a cast iron pot that is over 100 years old and was actually owned by my grandfather. Patience was required, tons of wood were consumed and the syrup tasted a lot like wood ashes.

Inside the sugar shack

Since 2012 we have steadily improved our maple syrup product by incorporating the latest in processing equipment. In 2015 we installed Ontario’s first electric steam evaporator. The Ecovap manufactured by Domminion Grimm has changed the look and operation of evaporators in the industry. Unlike previous technology there is no wasted heat. There is no smoke stack, no steam stacks and the only byproduct of the process is clean, cool water. It is like what the Hydrogen car could do to the auto industry if and when that technology is perfected. Change for the better. The touch screen controls monitor and adjust production to be easy and very consistent. The cost of energy per liter of syrup made is about .10 cents.

100 % food grade

The holding tanks, RO, evaporator and bottling unit are all stainless steel insuring the best possible way to process sap to syrup.

Revisions to the shack

In order to produce the best possible syrup we have modified the shack to provide the best possible conditions for sanitation within the sugar shack. Walls and ceilings are all polyethylene sheet. The concrete floor is epoxy coating which allows a quick and easy pressure washer cleaning when necessary.

Wifi compatible

The Ecovap evaporator is WIFI compatible. Using my smart phone I can start, stop, monitor and change the process directly from my phone no matter were the location. The vacuum system is controlled by temperature.. When the temperature rises to set point the vacuum comes on and runs until the temp cools again below freezing The purpose of automation for me is to reduce labor, and improve efficiency. The net result is our assurance that Regal Point can provide quality and consistency every time.

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